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About Expert Option Free Demo - Expert Option Free Demo

About Expert Option Free Demo

The binary options industry has been growing exponentially ever since it became mainstream back in 2008 and we’ve been actively trying to make it better almost from its very beginning. We’ve been here for a long time (established 2011) and plan to stay for even longer, with the main goal of providing high-quality and easy to access information about binary options brokers, scams, strategies, tools and education. Here is the menu, bon appetit:

Scam Fighting and Reviews
It’s no secret that the binary options industry is plagued by some more-than-bad apples and we’ve made it our job to expose those scammers. Whether it’s a fishy brokerage, a false-advertising trading software or signal provider, a “guru” that tries to sell you some magical indicator or crystal-ball strategy.

Another important part of our mission is reviewing brokers. It can be overwhelming for a new trader to go to each broker’s website and try to see through all of their marketing. There’s one common trait of all brokers: they all think they are the best. Well, that’s debatable and we are here to debate, to bring you all the information about brokerages, in a condensed and unbiased way. We give you the information and our Recommended Brokers, but the final choice is yours.

Forums and Social Trading
Our Binary Options Forum is among the first ones dedicated entirely to Binary Options. You can meet other traders, talk about strategies, indicators, brokers, news, you can even start your own trading diary to analyze your progress and keep a track record of your performance.
Once you register to our Forum, you will instantly gain access to CommuniTraders Social Platform. Here you will be able to place trades with virtual money, try out new strategies and even copy the top traders. It’s basically a Demo account on steroids because you also have access to social trading, you can discuss the reasons behind a trade and you can even copy the trades of our most successful traders on your real account if you have one.

School and Strategies
“Binary options are easy!” You will hear this all over the place but it’s not entirely true. Binary options can become easy with the proper education and part of our goal is to bring you that education. We’ve created the most complex Binary Options School in the entire industry and you can have it all for free. All you need is time and willingness to learn. Once you do that, Binary Options will be easy.
Education is not complete without a set of powerful trading strategies so we’ve put together some of the best around the internet and a handful created by our PRO traders. Everything is categorized by difficulty so every trader will find a strategy suited to his/her level of knowledge and understanding. You will also find tons of trading tools (such as indicators, charting packages, etc.), all with detailed explanations and tips&tricks on how to use them best.